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And with the #11 pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, Buffalo selects...

Here with the Bills pick is JoeyBombs.

With the 11th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Aaron Maybin - DE - Penn State

The Bills need a lot of help with the pass rush. Maybin is also a versatile player that can fill a need at Defensive End or he can also play Outside Linebacker. He fills a major need for the Bills.

Converting DEs to OLBs is becoming something of a draft phenomenon lately, thanks to the increasing prominence of the 3-4 defense (two of the last three Super Bowl winners ran a 4-3, just sayin'). Maybin's a guy who seems to have either critics or fans, and nobody in between. His fans see a great first step and a pass rush ability that compares to DeMarcus Ware. Critics see a skinny kid who has trouble keeping weight on his frame and could be easily swatted aside by increasingly agile NFL blockers.

Personally, I don't know enough about him to have much of an opinion, but I'm glad this isn't a choice the Rams have to make in this year's draft.

Alright, Denver, fresh off the Cutler trade, is next with the 12th pick. The Donkey are being represented by cards&broncos. Get your pick in to me by the end of the day if at all possible.

In case you need a reminder as to where you're picking, here's the list.

The Bills grabbed Maybin in the SBN bloggers mock draft. The hair that is Mel Kiper has him going 12th in his mock draft, right after DE Robert Ayres.