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Breaking down the top ten picks in the TST community mock draft

The top ten picks from our community mock draft are in books, and before I post the 11th pick, I thought this would be a good time to compare the results to the likely projections for the actual NFL draft.

The top ten picks with comment. Feel free to weigh in below.

#1 DET - Eugene Monroe - OT - Virginia

Monroe's draft stock is all over the place; rising in some circles given his projected ability to step right in as an NFL-level pass blocker and falling elsewhere as concerns about his knee injury. It's unlikely he surpasses Smith, who gets the nod for his significant upside, as the top OT in the draft at this point, but stranger things have happened. It seems unlikely that Detroit would take him with the first overall pick; however, if they can't get favorable contract talks going with their other potential candidates - and decide to wait a year to pick a QB - there's an outside chance Monroe goes first.

#2 STL - Aaron Curry - LB - Wake Forest

This pick seems to have Rams fans divided. There are those who think Curry is the best player in the draft - and will be the best player drafted for several years to come. The position shift is a big question mark, if the Rams decided to move him to the middle. However, this is a very likely pick for the Rams, probably just a few percentage points less likely than drafting an OT.

#3 KC - Brian Orakpo - DE - Texas

The Chiefs need a pass rusher after trading DE Jared Allen last spring. However, people are wondering about his inconsistency and Vernon Gholston comparisons are popping up. If Curry's still on the board, you'd have to think KC picks him.

#4 SEA - Matt Stafford - QB - Georgia

If Detroit passes him up, where does he fall? Seattle would be a good landing spot, leaving him time to serve as Matt Hasselbeck's understudy. If there's an OT, like Monroe, then Seattle could sure use one here. Seattle's making lots of noise about USC's Mark Sanchez too.

#5 CLE - Michael Crabtree - WR - Texas Tech

You bet. Cleveland needs a playmaker like Crabtree. Now, who's going to throw to him remains to be seen.

#6 CIN - Jason Smith - OT - Baylor

The Bengals desperately need an OT, and if Smith falls this far they'll pounce, though Smith's steady head and lack of trouble with the law may make him feel out of place. I doubt it's Smith, but they'll take an OT here, if they can.

#7 OAK - B.J. Raji - DT - Boston College

Though they might opt for a WR here, if they can, Oakland needs help on its d-line. They were worse than the Rams in allowing opposing runners to pick up first downs on third and fourth downs with short yardage as well as stuffing opposing runners last year.

#8 JAC - Jeremy Maclin - WR - Missouri

The Jags have a Bulger-like situation with David Garrard, and need to get him some real talent to throw to.

#9 GB - Michael Oher - OT - Ole Miss

I still wonder about Oher in the top ten, but I like his potential over the long term, if he can get into the right coaching situation. Green Bay needs help at OT, but they could also use skilled defenders for their conversion to the 3-4 defense.

#10 SF - Andre Smith - OT - Alabama

After signing Marvel Smith this offseason and drafting Joe Staley in 2007, the 49ers need depth at OT more than another starter. How could this pick go? Who knows. Believe it or not, they could still use a QB, so if Stafford or Sanchez is on the board that's a possibility. A WR or a pass rusher would work here too.

And that's the top ten. I'm posting the #11 pick shortly and we'll roll on. 3k and I also talked about the top ten picks from our community mock draft on Turf Show Radio this weekend, so give it a listen for more yak yak.

And most importantly, let me thank everyone for participating.