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Point, Counterpoint: who's at two

I thought as a change of pace, i'd invite everyone to join 3k and I in a back and forth on who to pick at #2 overall. 3k's going to jump in with a different opinion and we'll debate the issue. Jump right in along with us.

Point, VanRam: By drafting LB Aaron Curry, the Rams get the most talented defensive player in the draft, and maybe the only first round pick who'll be the kind of super star you want with that high of a pick. Can they make him a MLB? Sure. But they can also use him on the outside as well, and get a warm body to play MLB in a rotation with Chris Draft. And, if they can address the NT need, that will eliminate the need to put Curry in the middle, and put him on the strong side where he can use his pass rush too.