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Random Ramsdom 4/1: No joke, no thanks on Cutler for the Rams

There's time left in the day yet...time to roam the internet on your boss' dime that is. Let's start with a look at where the Rams stand in the big news of the day, the Jay Cutler derby.

  • First and foremost, forget it. The Rams, with needs all over the roster, aren't going to get another QB to add to the one they've already got eating salary space on the roster. Do you want this whiner on your team? However, what about getting involved as a third party, using their second overall pick as a chip to move Cutler to another team. Sando works out the schematics for each NFC West team. Don't look for Cutler to land anywhere in our division.
  • Rams Gab also says no to the Cutler idea.
  • Here's a look at nine teams that could be players in the Cutler sweeps.
  • Chris Mortensen puts the Redskins in the lead for Cutler's services. My God, at least we know some people aren't affected by the recession.
  • Unlike Cutler, LB Aaron Curry is NOT a complainer. In case you haven't read his bio, here's another chance. Hard not to like this kid.
  • Word has it that Curry is the Chiefs top choice with the third overall pick. Good thing they have a backup plan, which could even include trading down from the #3 spot.
  • We've eschewed April Fool's Day posts here at TST, but April is still "Liar's Month" in the NFL.

I want to thank everyone who sent in designs for the Random Ramsdom logo contest. Good stuff, and you can bet we'll be calling on everyone again. It came down to two finalists, so let me present them to you and ask you to vote. I'm only leaving the voting open on this for 24 hours, so make your vote heard now.

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