Butler agrees to deal

James Butler has reportedly agreed to a 4-year deal that could be worth $17 according to Bill Coats at St. Louis Post Dispatch, the deal has been agreed to and most likely be signed Tuesday.

This is great news for the Rams and hopefully we can get a deal done with Weaver or Kareny done soon.

[Note by VanRam, 03/09/09 10:48 PM EDT ] Great news. Rams are 3-for-3 in free agency so was a re-sign though, but, hey, just go with it. The Rams defense gets younger and gets a solid player to fill a need that was really lacking last year. That's a much better deal than the ones given to Yeremiah Bell (4-yrs, $20 mil) and Gibril Wilson (5-yrs, $27.5 mil), but I suspect more than what the Rams were holding at until more recently. But, hey, it's not my money.