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Holt to the Jets?

The Torry Holt trade saga is the new dead horse to be flogged this week, for the Rams anyway. However, losing a player that's been synonimous with the franchise for the last decade deserves a little ink, no? Anyway, there's some rumblings that Holt could end up playing for the Jets.

From the NY Daily News' Rich Cimini's The Jets Stream blog:

This team needs to make a strong play for Torry Holt, who probably will be a free agent in eight days. Based on what I'm hearing, I'd be surprised if they don't pursue Holt.

Don't overlook the fact that Henry Ellard, long-time Rams receivers coach (and the Rams last great WR prior to the Holt/Bruce era), became the Jets WR coach after his eight season stint in the same role with the Rams.

The question to answer before "where Holt plays next" is when does Holt get his release? There's that roster bonus due on March 17, which leads many to believe that Holt will be released just before that. I can't imagine it not coming sooner, with the team's need for cap space (so they can sign Butler or whover else).

Whenever the Rams and Holt do part ways, it's a safe bet there will be a nice little bidding war for Holt's services.