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The Curious Case of James Butler

The pace of free agency has officially slowed to crawl. However, the Rams have a few shoes ready to drop in the next week or two, moves like what to do with Torry Holt that will start to flavor the team for the '09 season and the years ahead.

The James Butler saga is starting to seem like the Minnesota Senate race, dragging on to the point of being overlooked and forgotten. I'm dying to see the Rams get a deal with Butler done, but it's gone on long enough to make you wonder. According to the PD's Jim Thomas, the Rams and Butler are still working on a deal, and you'll noticed Butler isn't visiting with other teams. Part of the holdup could be looming decisions on cap could also be the notorious Poston brothers.

In scenario form:
Billy Devaney: "Let us resolve the situation with Holt, then we'll get a deal the price we've already agreed to."

I'm really surprised their not working a few more lines, trying to get the price up. Makes you wonder if Butler hasn't said plainly, that he has no intention of playing anywhere else besides St. Louis with Spagnuolo, whom he's hinted at reuniting with for some time. Roy Williams has suitors; why doesn't Butler? That might be a pretty big clue.

The Rams would seem to have a genuine interest in Butler; he is the only candidate they've openly discussed to fill a gaping hole at strong safety. Should they move on, ask someone else? It's like trying to get a prom date: you don't want to risk it with the ideal candidate, but you don't want to spend the evening with the cheapest 12 pack someone will buy for you either. That said, I'm beginning to wonder if the team shouldn't consider the recently released former Cowboys SS Roy Williams as a consolation prize - definitely a consolation prize. He'd be a good fix for the defense's run stopping problems from last season, but a huge risk in coverage. The coverage thing could be an issue given the Rams cornerback situation.