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Sunday Holt roundup

With the T.O. saga mercifully at a lull since his signing with the Bills, Torry Holt is the man, or at least the WR, of the hour. 

Friday, it was the Bears (or at least the fans and the media) with the interest in Holt. Now, the Ravens may be a potential destination. Add the Falcons to the list, too. Of course, there's always the Cowboys who could use a solid #2 to replace T.O. The Eagles could possibly have some interest, and there's always the Vikings who could make Holt sort of a consolation prize after losing out on Houshmanzadeh. 

The market's starting to take shape, but will it wait for the Rams to trade him, especially if teams can gamble that the Rams will cut him ahead of his 3/17 roster bonus? The benefit of making a trade for Holt now would be avoiding a bidding war and getting him at a fixed cost of a little less than $7 million per season, more likely though a team would hammer out a deal to take him through the end of his career. Stay tuned.

And if a team misses out on Holt, well, there's always Drew Bennett.