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Turf Show Times roll call

Since the site has been blowing up recently, I thought it would be a good time to see what kind of people we have around here.  Obviously, if you don't feel comfortable answering any of these, don't.  It's just a chance to see who we have on here.  I'll hit it first.


ID: 3k

Location: Savannah, GA / Ft. Stewart, GA

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Employer: U.S. Army

Occupation: Leader & ass-kicker

Interests besides the Rams: Baseball, soccer, alcohol, cooking, reading, politics, economics, landscaping, do-it-yourself projects, western movies

Rams beliefs: Zygmunt-hater, Bulger-backer


So who the hell are you?

[Note by VanRam, 03/07/09 3:44 PM EST ] If you like the social networking (I honestly don't know what the hell to think about it, other than it's forced me to try and avoid people I went to high school with), then you'll love the Turf Show Times group page on Facebook. It's hip, to say the least.