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Guessing where Holt lands

With his request to be released yesterday, Torry Holt guaranteed the end of his tenure with the Rams. So now the Rams can either trade him or cut him.

Trading Holt will be tough, since teams can sit and wait on the Rams to cut him before paying him a roster bonus of $1.25 million due March 17. If a team acquired Holt via trade, they'd be on the hook for, I believe, his $6.65 million base salary this season. That's probably a little high for a WR who'll be 33-years-old this summer. Lavernaues Coles left $6 million on the table with the Jets to sign a 4-year, $28 million deal with the Bengals, and Houshmanzadeh, a year younger than Holt, signed a 5-year, $40 million deal with the Seahawks. Both deals make Holt's $6.65 million seem more reasonable. Of course, Holt would likely want a new contract in place, securing the probably Hall of Fame WR a final deal with as much guaranteed money as possible.

I'll bet you a wooden nickle (and a 1920s analogy) that some team will sign T.O. for more money than Holt. Though the list of teams needing a WR is rife with players and coaches who clash with Owens. Who would you rather have?

What about potential landing spots for Holt? The Eagles could certainly use a guy like Holt, as could the Vikings. Both teams are close enough to the playoffs to be attractive to Holt, and both could use a guy like Holt to help get them over that hump. The Giants could be an ironic fit, swapping coach for receiver with the Rams, especially since they're letting veteran Amani Toomer walk and probably releasing pistol enthusiast Plaxico Burress.

What about the 49ers? Obviously, the Rams won't be trading Holt to the 49ers, and if he really wants to finish his career with a contender, San Francisco isn't the best fit.

The Ravens could use a WR, too. Chicago. Of course, Holt probably wouldn't turn down the chance to play with Peyton Manning for a Colts team needing a WR to replace Marvin Harrison. Carolina's a serious contender and could use someone to replace the 36-year-old Muhsin Muhammad. Holt would be gret fit, as opponets double up on Steve Smith.

Holt may be 33, but he's clearly got some miles left, and in the right situation - as a #2 WR on a team with a marquee #1 WR - could be an essential ingredient for a team looking to run the board in '09.