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It's completely preposterous, but I feel like I have to ask. T.O. a Ram?

There's not a snowball's chance this would happen. Even if T.O. weren't T.O., the salary demands would be too high for the Rams, and wipe out whatever budget they have to add depth. More importantly, Owens is exactly the kind of player the Rams don't need right now in their locker room. A 'me first' guy for a team just starting out in a new direction would be disastrous.

On the other hand, Owens is usually relatively contained in his first season or two with a new team. It's only once things get rolling that he lobs a hand grenade into the locker room, metaphorically speaking of course.

Over at his blog, Mike Sando runs down the possibilities of T.O. landing in the NFC West. It doesn't seem likely. Not that it would matter, the Rams held him to just two catches for 31 yards and no TDs in their week seven win over the Cowboys last season.

Rams Gab is right on the money: "Don't do it."