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Rams 2009 preseason schedule announced

The Rams preseason schedule has been announced, and it's a, well, it's preseason where every team is some mix of the '72 Dolphins and '08 Lions, depending on which players your team is playing.

Week 1 - at NY Jets

Week 2 - vs. Atlanta

Week 3 - at Cincinnati

Week 4 - vs. Kansas City (the always a treat Governor's Cup!)

The last two pre-seasons were a source of some controversy for the Rams. After a slow start to the 2007 season, fans and pundits alike looked back on then-head coach Scott Linehan's decision to limit the number of preseason snaps his starters saw. Of course, eight losses in a row revealed that the problem was just a little bigger than the preseason program.

Heading into the 2008 season, Linehan had the Rams revamp their preseason routine, moving to Wisconsin and lining up regular scrimmages with another teams, the Titans. We all know how that worked out for Linehan and the Rams.

Hopefully, the sweeping changes made by the Rams will offer a few more signs of hope in the preseason than we've grown accustomed to lately.