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Tuesday free agent round up: Pace getting interest from Oakland?

Just in case you thought the free agent fever was's not. Though the Rams have concentrated on their big ticket items, they're still working a few angles out there. Let's round up the latest and greatest in free agency.

Wondering about the Rams intentions to make RB Steven Jackson the focal point of their offense this season? Well, wonder no more, my if the Jason Brown signing wasn't proof enough. Two stories today in the Post-Dispatch deal with the Rams search for secondary blockers at FB and TE. Seattle free agent FB Lenoard Weaver is on the Rams radar, as is blocking specialist TE Billy Bajema, discussed last week.

At one point the Rams were said to be kicking the tires on 49ers DT Ron Fields; it was even reported that they had an offer out to the wave tackle. The Donkeys, er, Broncos reunited Fields with Mike Nolan, signing him to a two-year, $5 million deal.

Do we have a bidder? The Oakland Raiders are said to be interested in trading for LT Orlando Pace. Oakland has the 7th pick in the 4th round, which would give the Rams, with the third pick in the round, two early chances to add some depth.

SS Roy Williams wants the Cowboys to trade or cut him immediately. If let go, he could be a candidate for the Rams need at SS. That's only if...

...the Rams fail to sign SS James Butler. Butler's a much, much better option than Williams, who stinks in coverage and is past the prime of his career. In his column today in the PD, Bernie Miklasz pointed out some of Butler's outstanding stats, such as opposing WRs only catching 19 of the 45 passes targeted in his direction, a number that very closely mirrors some guy names Troy Polamalu. Impressive company. The NY Daily News reports that it's "looking more and more" like Butler will land with the Rams, speculation partly based on Ron Bartell's noted efforts to persuade Butler to come to St. Louis.