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Random Ramsdom, 3/29: re-energizing your Sunday morning

Ok, the spots are all filled for the Community Mock Draft. So, gentlemen, start your engines. I'd like to start posting this week, so Detroit is on the clock. Send me your pick and an explanation of why you think it's a good pick for that team. Let's go!

Why do the 2009 Rams already seem different? Let Chip Rosenbloom explain:

I think the (front office) restructuring that we went through wasn't something that I really anticipated. But as I learned more about the organization, I saw the places where it needed to have a refreshment. What's the right word for it? A re-energizing. I just felt we needed a fresh start. That's really the best way to say it.

The PD has an interview with the Rams owner that I highly recommend. "Fresh start" IS the best way to say it...certainly the nicest, given some of the thoughts expressed about former President of Football Operations and Rams Czar Jay Zygmunt around here over the last three seasons.

Outside the doors of Rams Park it may seem quiet, but the team is heavy into draft mode, and that means prospect visits this time of year. The Rams are covering their bases on potential mid-round QBs.