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TST Community Mock Draft

Ok draftees, here's the breakdown for the Turf Show Times community mock draft. You signed up to represent a team, and I've put your name next to the team you'll draft for. We've got holes to fill, so go and recruit some more drafters. However, since we have the first nine represented, we can go ahead and get started. 

Here's how this is going to work. I intend to start posting the picks individually on Monday. So, GermanRam, you're on the clock. Send me your pick for Detroit with a brief explanation of why you picked that player; my email address is rv_vanbib AT You can also post a FanPost with your pick if you want, but don't post your pick unless the team(s) ahead of you have drafted. For the first pick, try to get it to me ASAP, but no later than Monday morning, 9 a.m. Central time. Once I have your pick, I'll email the next person, tell them who's off the board, and we'll go from there. Sound clear as mud to everyone? Excellent.

Pick Team TST Rep
1 DET GermanRam
2 STL rams since day 1
3 KC jroman
4 SEA ram_rod
5 CLE Hetfield72
6 CIN lwuvrams
7 OAK tbell61
8 JAX jpeezie1745
9 GB MathB
10 SF AbsolutMoose
11 BUF JoeyBombs
12 DEN cards&broncos
13 WAS salukihoops
14 NO Rams13rocks
15 HOU Jombari
17 NYJ JimHacking
19 TB iwall2883
20 DET LARamsFan29
21 PHI hambone38
22 MIN BicMac545
23 NE BruinFanBaby
24 ATL PCarn
25 MIA Caruso
26 BAL kevinramsfans
27 IND JohnMatuszakloveschunk
28 PHI hambone38
29 NYG YankeeDoodleBrit
30 TEN heinzketchup
31 ARI JordansDad
32 PIT Uncfan1


Couple of notes on the Community mock:


  • Cowboys pick in the first, they traded it away for Roy Williams, the receiver. If you want to represent another team, let me know in the comments.
  • We need more reps, so sign up to get in on the action. And don't be bashful; if you want to pick for another team on top of the one you're already picking for, go right ahead.