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Looking at a win-win in the draft

Mocking the Draft kicked off their SBN writer's draft, with the second pick, the Rams took Baylor OT Jason Smith. Who in reality might be on his way to being Detroit's actual top pick.

The first three picks shook out like this:

  1. Detroit - LB Aaron Curry
  2. Rams - OT Jason Smith
  3. Kansas City - OT Eugene Monroe

The choice was pretty much made once the guys from Pride of Detroit selected Curry. Smith looks like the best OT in the draft, and with Curry off the board there was just no debate. That does set up a pretty interesting conundrum, albeit one of those nice problems to have. Either one of those guys is a win for the Rams, a much needed win. What if the Lions don't pick Smith or Curry? Then who do the Rams take?

Lately, the idea of drafting Curry second overall is really picking up steam amidst our little community, and I have to admit that I'm probably more in that camp now too, after being insufferably steadfast about drafting an OT all damn year. No point tossing out 500 words of pros and cons. The "cons" of drafting one over the other are pretty simple: the Rams pass on a player that could be a cornerstone of either the offense or defense for years to come. Other than that, both players seem to be everyday, every down NFL starters at worst and superstars at best, the later being exactly what you'd like to get from a #2 overall pick. With that, let's get a semi-official vote on it.

Some links:

  • Field Gulls has a great break down of what made Ryan Leaf so "special" and why Mark Sanchez has some red flags that elicit the comparison.
  • At the NFC coaches breakfast yesterday, part of the owners' meetings in SoCal this week, Spagnuolo talked to the PD's Jim Thomas about integrating multiple approaches into the make up of the defense.
  • Spag answered ESPN's Mike Sando's question about the team's new culture, pointing out that he'll be looking for veteran leadership to emerge in the locker room.