Drafting for the future (Defense/Utility)

On this little bit of research I did I looked at a few specific positions that we can all agree the Rams are in almost immediant help. Then I went a step further and looked into the next few seasons at what we could need. With that being said lets begin lol.

Outside Linebacker

Johnny Williams (Kentucky) Plays both inside and outside linebacker. Has good combination of size and speed. Has the tenacity that coach Spags likes wasn't used much on blitzes until his senior year but when he was effective when sent. Throws his body around. Not much finesse he is a throwback hitter

Dan Skuta (Grand Valley State) Nothing fancy here. Plays both outside backer and rush end which is why I think he would be good for the Rams. Still improving and has some potential to be a poor mans Shawn Merriman (Shaun Phillips lol). Could possibly be the Kawika Mitchell/Mathia Kiwanuka of the Rams defense.

Inside Linebacker

Jasper Brinkley (South Carolina) Right now is probably a 4th round pick or lower. Has defense end size with WILL speed. Tore his acl last year but looked recovered this year he is a beast when he is on the top of his game. Reckless with his body and thinks of offensive lineman and fullbacks as nothing but minor inconviences. Could start soon.

Dave Philistin (Maryland) Has good but not great size at 6'2" 230 but is a good athlete. He was a tackling machine these last two years but hes not much of a playmaker evidenced by his one career interception. Probably a career backup but if he can gain some bulk without losing speed he may surpise.


Cornerback* Note I strayed away from blazer corners as they aren't working out well for the Rams lol and plus Spags doesn't use blazers so I focused on players with size, tackling skills,playmaking skills and most of all coverage skills

DJ Clark (Idaho State) He has above average size for a cornerback and also has above average speed. He is a ballhawk who will take chances and more often than not gets away with it. If he can be restrained a little in that regard he should be a fine cover corner and special teams contributer.


Sherrod Martin (Troy) Looks like a 3rd round pick right now but could be pushed further down due to injurys during his freshman and sophmore years which led to him sitting out his junior year. However he has been injury free the past two seasons. Has safety size safety insticts and well he has played safety. Unlike the current Rams DBs he can make an open field tackle. Is a Marlin Jackson style corner in that he can play both free safety and cornerback and switch back and forth during games.Does have good speed to go along with above average instincts. If hes available in the 4th take him.

Utility players are the players you stick on special teams units. the Rams need better ones. These guys can help

Victor Butler(OLB) (Oregon State) Is a highly effective pass rusher and is solid on kick coverage teams. Could probably be plugged into the coverage teams right away and would add needed size to the linebacking core.

Jason Williams (OLB/ILB) (Western Illinois) Was a highly effective linebacker in college and has good size and has safety speed. While he could cut his teeth on special teams he has all the tools to be a future starter at linebacker if devolped properly.

Keith Fitzhugh(Safety) (Mississippi State) He has decent but not great size but is a maximum effort player and stands out on game film. Has great instincts but has average or slightly below average speed. However he plays faster than he times or looks and can surpise you. Would be a valuable run stopper/special teams player who could possibly be a 6th round pick due to his size and speed.

This was just a quck put together but I am putting together a more in depth version that should be available within the next few days. Be sure to dissect this and give some comments :)