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Rams covering all the prospects

Now, don't go getting your knickers in a bunch. Just because the Rams met with USC QB Mark Sanchez does not mean they're going to draft him at #2...or even try to trade down and draft him later in the first round, since by all accounts Sanchez is a big reach for #2 anyway. 

Devaney's smart and covering all his bases meeting with as many top draft picks as he can. There may be some future benefit down the road

Titans LB Keith Bulluck is trying to get Torry Holt to "holler at him"...about a contract with the Titans.

Keyshawn Johnson weighs in on the WRs in the draft this year (among other things). Here's what he said about MU's Jeremy Maclin:

With Maclin, on the other hand, I don’t know if he’s a finished product. I think he’s a guy in a wide-open scheme who gets the ball on a lot of screens, a lot of trick plays. You don’t see a lot of traditional-style pro routes — that deep comeback at 18 to 20 yards, deep in-cuts at 18 yards, the skinny post, that sort of stuff. Will we see him be able to do that? That’s the question I have. He’s an electrifying college athlete — a Rocket Ismail or Desmond Howard type — but this is college football we’re talking about. When I am talking about pros, we’re talking about a lot of timing patterns. We’re talking 18-yard curls off of play-action. That’s the sort of stuff you’re going to have to teach him.

Which WR does he like?

There are always some guys [further down in the draft] who do well. There’s a guy out of Cal Poly, [Ramses Barden]. He’s big [6-foot-6], he’s going to be all right. I like his game.

We like Ramses Barden too