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The case for Aaron Curry at #2

The argument for drafting LB Aaron Curry picks up steam. More and more people are coming to the conclusion that Aaron Curry is the best player in the 2009 draft class. But even that label might not give him enough credit.

Doug Farrar from Football Outsiders also posts at SBN's Seahawks site, Field Gulls. Check out what he had to say about Curry in a post from yesterday evening:

It's not often that the best player in a draft at the time of a draft (which I believe he is) could very well be the best of that draft class five years down the road, but I think we're dealing with just that type of cat in this case.

And what about that talk of Curry not meeting the Rams need at MLB? Obviously, you've got to remove the drafting for need argument when considering a player this well thought of. Even so, there's little doubt that Curry can play in the middle. Hell, he'd probably be the best safety in the division if he got moved to that spot. From Farrar:

Aaron Curry is a safe pick in that wherever he's drafted and wherever they put him, he's going to dominate. I've seen him cause an interception as a rush end in a 3-4 look, decimate running backs as the SAM in a 4-3 base, and trail fast tight ends with near-safety speed. Put simply, wherever you place him, he's going to shine.

I don't mean to rely too heavily on Farrar's analysis, but his work at Football Outsiders stands far above most of the drivel that comes from pundits with more cachet in the national media. So, when he makes the case that Curry is the best pick in the draft and likely to be the best pick in the next several drafts, it's worth considering.

Do yourself a favor and go read that post as well as Farrar's interview with Curry that appeared in the Washington Post. I'm reposting one of the videos from the Field Gulls post for a very specific reason, it shows Curry make a huge hit behind the line of scrimmage against Virginia, a team featuring another potential pick for the Rams at #2, OT Eugene Monroe. Weigh those two picks, knowing that Detroit may well be in the process of taking OT Jason Smith, as you watch this.

The argument for drafting Curry is getting harder to ignore.