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Welcome back Goldberg

After the debacles we've seen up front, on the offensive line, the last two/three seasons, there was no question what topped the priority list for the new regime at Rams Park. Their off-season activity has tackled all kinds of the team's issues, but the headlines have (and likely will be) about the o-line, starting with C Jason Brown and going through the draft next month. In the middle of all that, it's easy to lose sight of a move like re-signing Adam Goldberg, a backup OL. 

We've been talking about the need to get some depth on the line and Goldberg's been an ace for depth. He even played better than some of the starters he replaced last season, be it at tackle or guard. Now with Cogs, Greco, Goldberg, and Setterstrom the Rams have quality depth in the middle. And Goldberg gives them a backup tackle too, but they'll still need another player or two at OT.

Remember the 56-yard Steven Jackson run in the Rams second (and final) win of the season? That came thanks to a nice block from Adam Goldberg lined up in the TE spot, which is a nice example of the guy's versatility. He may not be a starter, but I'll take that kind of a player on my team any day.

Bravo. and the team needed a Wyoming guy too.