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Random Ramsdom, 3/20: Rams choosing a new generation

What about the Rams in a Pepsi commercial? What the hell am I talking about, you ask? The youth movement is in full effect at Rams Park (something must be in the water in St. Looey 'cause even the Cards are getting in on the youth thing). Youth...choice of a new generation...yeah, well, I ain't here for my joke writing skeels. But let's repeat that: the Rams are getting younger. That's a real change from what we've gotten used to, especially after the haphazard approach to free agency in the Linehan period and those infamous Zygmunt drafts (more on that later).


  • With every player the Rams cut, release and sign, it seems like we've always been able to say one's part of the team's effort at getting younger. Well, that's paying off. In a post this morning, Sando points out that the Rams now have only 5 players on the roster in their 30s, far less than anyone else in the division, and their the 4th youngest team in the league now. Of course, some of that will change, as the  team likely has to bring in a vet or two (Gus Frerotte or re-sign Jason Craft), but the point remains the Rams are getting younger.
  • Also from Sando, the Cardinals have signed former Rams TE Anthony Becht
  • Here's a wild switch on the conventional wisdom surrounding the top OTs in the draft this year.'s Don Bank turns in a mock that puts OT Michael Oher in the second round, behind other OT prospects like Eben Britton and William Beatty. Watch to see if this trend continues anywhere else. In that scenario, I could get pretty happy about the idea of the Rams drafting Curry in the first and Oher in the second...but why is his stock falling that much, if it is?
  • In that mock, Banks has the Rams drafting Virginia OT Eugene Monroe (Detroit taking Jason Smith), who Billy Devaney went to see work out at Virginia's Pro Day. The Rams GM came away impressed
  • If you're going to complain about the Rams, at least get your facts right. RamsGab takes 'em down a notch