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Bartell opts for the Rams

They may have gone 2-14 in the regular season, but the Rams are racking up the wins this off-season. After getting a major building block for the offensive line in Jason Brown, the Rams re-signed CB Ron Bartell today.

Bartell signed a four-year, $28 million deal with $13.6 million guaranteed. That's damn good deal, in a market that was handing out $20 million plus guarantees to cornerbacks with question marks over their head. The Saints offer was reportedly in the same ball park, so Bartell must have liked what he saw in terms of the Rams immediate future.

We'll see how the deal breaks down in terms of the cap space, but it's reasonable enough to make it seem like the Rams will have the money to sign SS James Butler.  And, the Rams will still probably need to add another cornerback, but they've at least got their main man.

Good news, good news.