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Random Ramsdom, 3/2: still waiting

Free agency seems to have slowed to a crawl, for the Rams anyway, as suddenly as it began. We've got a few dangling participles out there - Bartell and Butler - still waiting for some resolution. Here's a round up of Rams news this a.m.

  • Jim Thomas at the PD cites "league sources" who claim the Rams are shopping Torry Holt and Orlando Pace. With Matt Cassel fetching a mere second round pick (though, I suspect his $14 million cap hit had something to do with that), the Rams aren't likely to get anything on the first day for either of the career Rams. Business can be an ugly thing...[sausage making analogy goes here.]
  • In the same article, it's reported that Rams UFA CB Ron Bartell wants a contract similar to Domonique Foxworth's. The Ravens gave Foxworth a 4-year, $27.2 million contract with $16.5 guaranteed. That's a lot of dough. Bartell might have a point. The Rams CB has 8 career INTs to Foxworth's 5, and about the same number of total tackles through their career.
  • It's being reported that the Saints extended a contract offer to Bartell.
  • Turns out, free agent SS James Butler DID NOT visit the Cleveland Browns this weekend, accoridng to his agent. His agent also said that Butler did not have a visit with the Browns scheduled. I'd say Butler wants to play for Spagnuolo, but they're waiting on the right offer...and the Rams are waiting to see what happend with Bartell before they can finalize negotiations.
  • Seattle signed DT Colin Cole, who's started only 7 games in his career. Cole will be tossed aside like rancid bacon by the Rams new C Jason Brown when the two teams meet this season.
  • Mocking the Draft has a look at the Rams team needs.

[Note by VanRam, 03/02/09 11:27 AM EST ] It's worth noting the Saints cap space number, which stands at about $7 million right now, after the Vilma signing. However, like the Rams, that number is expected to grow to about $10-15 milloin with further cuts, etc. Essentially, the Saints have about as much money as the Rams to work with. The question then becomes how far apart are the offers?