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Random Ramsdom, 3/19: Curry coming to St. Louis

It's early and the tournament starts today. I have yet to fill out a bracket. How do you cram a season worth of a college basketball into two hours? Ugh. It's like college all over again. On top of that, I keep thinking about the Rams getting younger. I don't know that I've fully wrapped my head around it just yet; it's revolutionary. [bracket, Van? shut up conscious.] There are bound to be some growing pains this season, stuff that's hard to account for at the moment, in the early stages of a turnaround. But those bumps in the road will come and go. 

  • One of those growing pains I'm referencing is the switch in offensive systems. Going from the ashes of Mad Mike's playbook to the West Coast will have it's challenges. We talked a little about that in the context of moving Alex Barron to LT yesterday, and today's PD adds to the conversation with talk of how QB Marc Bulger is adjusting to it. Some of which was first mentioned by Sando earlier in the week. The most serious of the Bulger haters will likely have plenty of fodder in the early going, but if the Rams build a solid o-line with smart players the QB should be able to adjust. 
  • Speaking of getting younger, the Rams should be making an offer to blocking TE Billy Bajema before the end of the week. The Rams need top-notch blocking, see above.
  • The Rams have requested a private workout with Penn State WR Derrick Williams. Williams is likely a second round pick, and an intriguing player for the new offense. According to this scouting report from Mocking the Draft, Williams has great after-the-catch ability and intelligence, two features which could be real assets in a system that gives the WRs a little range.
  • The Rams lead the league in unrestricted free agents...lots of whom the team hasn't re-signed and probably won't as they get younger. Sando charts the Rams activity in free agency.
  • Baylor OT and potential top pick in the draft Jason Smith had a private workout with the Rams last week, one of four teams to work him out since the Combine. Devaney et al will bring Smith to St. Louis in mid-April, before the draft, for some more face time. Yeah, the Rams will talk to all of the potential picks in the first round - I'd bet even a QB - but given what they thought about Jake Long last season, they've got to like what they see with Smith.
  • Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry visits the Rams on April 15.
  • Mike Martz, needing work, runs down the troubled youth of the 2006 QB class, Cutler, Leinart and Young.