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Barron to the blind side - another look

You can break down the Rams course with the second overall pick in the draft simply: draft an OT or not draft an OT. There are othert ways to frame it, for example, draft Curry, draft Crabtree, etc., but given the glaring need to replace should-be Hall of Famer Orlando Pace, the possibility of plugging Barron and Bell into the tackle spots, and the availability of two top five OT picks in the draft, that's the only way to look at it as the Rams prepare for the first draft of the post-Zygmunt era.

Taking a player other than an OT with the second pick means that the Rams will spend their second round pick on an OT, a guy Ebben Britton or William Beatty. Such a move would most likely result in the Rams using Barron at LT next season and the second round pick on the right side. That decision might work out just fine in the end, but something QB Marc Bulger said about the new offense makes me wonder about the forever false start prone Alex Barron playing LT.

As reported by Mike Sando:

It's [the new offensive scheme] a little bit tougher on the [offensive] line, too. They have to make a lot more more or less puts more pressure on the quarterback and the line and the backs to make their calls and get their protections taken care of.

Barron's a competent starter. That said, I have my doubts about the guy taking over on the blind side in an offensive system that gives the linemen additional responsibility on top of remembering the snap count. Of course, this is the last year of Barron's contract, a walk year before he is eligible to hit free agency right as the cap goes out the window. Could be a good motivating factor.