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Random Ramsdom, 3/17: St. Paddy goes scouting

  • The Spagnuolo Era somehow now seems more official with the first team meeting out of the way. The new coach emphasized the building a good "foundation" of teamwork and physical training. The training part is particularly important since injuries the last two years have forced the Rams to burn through their depth, right down to the street free agents, like a pack a cigarettes on Frank Sinatra's coffee table.
  • Last week the Rams had a private workout with Ohio State LB Marcus Freeman. Private workouts mean little when trying to guess draft picks, but Freeman could be a nice get in the middle rounds for the Rams. Freeman has good instincts and range to go with his versatility. According to most scouting reports he'll be a starting OLB in the NFL by his second year and a solid special teamer from the start. 
  • The Rams also worked out Florida State DE Everette Brown last Friday. Brown's a first round pick, graded as the second best DE in the draft, but not a likely pick at #2 for the Rams. However, teams round out their draft boards and get as much about players as they can....never know when someone comes calling with a trade offer you can't refuse. Brown's a potentially elite pass rusher, and you know how Spagnuolo loves the pass rush...
  • Dreaming about Cutler in a Rams uni? Forget about it. John Clayton says the Broncos will likely ask for 1st and 3rd round picks this year and a conditional pick in next year's draft. 
  • Don't completely rule out the Rams taking a chance on a QB in the late rounds. There are a couple of potential QBs there that are intriguing enough to think about as projects. ESPN's Todd McShay points out Ball State's Nate Davis could be one of those guys as well as Michigan State's Brian Hoyer.
  • If you're furiously trying to cram a season's worth of missed college basketball into a day's worth of filling out your bracket, be sure to check out SBN's Blogging the Bracket
Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!