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Random Ramsdom, 3/15: other voices, other DTs

It's not quiet two days since Torry Holt got his walking papers from the Rams. The move will really hit you in two more stages, first when Holt signs somewhere else and then when the season starts and he's not in a Rams uniform. Where could Holt end up? Strangely enough more team have declared that they're not interested in the former-Ram. The Giants and Jets have both declared themselves not interested; Carolina and Minnesota too. Potential landing spots include Baltimore, Chicago, Tennessee, San Fran and Jacksonville. 

Next week, I plan to post some about the off-season changes, so far, made by our division rivals, how the moves shake out, how the Rams match up, etc. Without jumping too far in, the Julian Peterson trade would seem to leave the Seahawks less talented. SBN Seahawks site Field Gulls certainly agrees. However, the addition of another DT in Corey Redding to go with recently signed DT Colin Cole gives the Seahawks some talent in the middle of their defensive line, players they fully expect to keep players like, oh, say, Rams new center Jason Brown from getting beyond the first level of defenders. If the Rams still had an undersized center, this move would mean even more sacks and almost no run game in the middle, but with a solid core of an o-line in the middle, the Rams can  adapt and keep from getting shut down. People may think that Jason Brown contract was over-valued, but in a league putting increasing prominence on defensive tackles, it's incredibly foresighted. 

Speaking of undersized centers, Nick Leckey is getting some interest as a backup from the Saints. 

Some good stuff out there today building on Tackle's look at the Rams CB situation. Bill Coats from the PD says that Tye Hill is the "top candidate" to fill the second CB spot. The addition of his friend and business partner James Butler might help motivate Hill. 

And everything you wanted to know about how players in the secondary work, here's a great look from the inside. Matt Bowen from the National Football Post gives a look at man coverage. It's all in the hips.