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Gus Frerotte a Ram?

You can always go home. That's the old saying, right?

Well, it looks like QB Gus Frerotte will be coming back to St. Louis to backup Marc Bugler...again. PD columnist Bernie Miklasz posted this tweet in his Twitter feed today:

Rams likey will have a deal with FA QB Gus Frerotte by end of week. His agent is Marvin Demoff. Ram negotiator is Demoff's son Kevin.

It's a backup QB for a team that figures to prominently feature the run and the option, which will be set up by the run - the kind of offense that a backup QB wouldn't drag down too much. Then there's that six-degrees-of-separation thing with Frerotte having played for Brad Childress in Minnesota, the similar offensive scheme Childress and Rams new OC Pat Shurmur picked up in Philly.

It's not the worst move in the world; definitely not the most exciting. His age makes you wonder, though. I suspect QB will be high on the Rams list of priorities next spring.