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New directions and the Rams draft

The Rams are starting over. That became official yesterday afternoon when the team released LT Orlando Pace. That Pace's time with the Rams is up should surprise no one. It's been one of the most discussed subjects of the off-season. More to the point, as much as Pace will always be a identified with this franchise, the need to reinvigorate a team that has suffered considerable neglect over the last five years trumps sentimentality. Now what?

GM Billy Devaney is really pushing the notion of moving Alex Barron to LT. Under most circumstances that would be fine, but not in the wake of releasing a franchise bedrock, the face of the o-line. With the right coaching Barron I have no doubt that Barron would reach somewhere above average, but still well below the stratospheric level or Pace. 

They've got options with the second overall pick, besides OTs Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe, but it's hard to imagine a team cutting ties with the cornerstone of their offensive line and not replacing him. This is a team that has to be competitive while building for the future. It's also worth remembering that Devaney, who led the way on the Rams draft last year, was part of a group that would have drafted OT Jake Long had he been available. 

I'm not the only one who thinks this move hints at the Rams plans for the #2 pick. 


Chicago media is already arranging Pace's marriage to the Bears, also a potential destination for the soon-to-be released Torry Holt.


Fixing another bad decision of the past regime, releasing FB Madison Hedgecock, the Rams signed former Saints FB Mike Karney to a 3-year, $3.6 million deal, with $1.2 million in guaranteed money. Still think the Rams aren't serious about the running game?


I always thought that Jim Haslett came out of the Rams experience looking much better than Scott Linehan. But who works in the NFL now and who works in the UFL?