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Watching Detroit

You can bet we won't be posting much about the Detroit Lions here at Turf Show Times, a Rams blog, but since we pick right after the Lions in this year's draft, we'll be forced to mention them a few times since their first overall pick could very well have some impact on our draft strategy. So what's the latest today?

Emerging conventional wisdom says that the Lions will take Georgia QB Matt Stafford with their first overall pick. And there's plenty of logic to that. Obviously, the Lions need a QB for the future, but they also have a veteran QB in Culpepper who can start the season under center, lessening the need to rush their pick. Don't forget that Detroit's new offensive coordinator, our old friend Scott Linehan, has coached Culpepper before, prepackaging the offense to start the season. Detroit media is warming to the idea.

With the Rams not planning to draft a QB, barring a HUGE surprise, Devaney and Spagnuolo will have their choice of players at #2, where they can pick either of the top two OTs, Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith, WR Michael Crabtree or LB Aaron Curry. Or whoever else may emerge as a candidate between now and then.

Of course, there are plenty arguing for Detroit to address their offensive line and take either OT. Yesterday, Baylor's Jason Smith was in Detroit for a visit. Of course, that doesn't mean anything. They'll visit with all the potential top picks in the coming weeks. Even if they do draft Smith, the Rams will still have almost all of their top choices available to them.

It's draft season and that means wackiness. Why else would we be talking about the Lions here?