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Rams face tough decisions on salary cap

ESPN's Mike Sando has a look at some of the Rams cap decisions, providing a look at how much Holt and Pace would cost if released.

The team would save $8 million by releasing Torry Holt and $6 million by releasing Orlando Pace. Those players' contracts count a combined $19.2 million against the 2009 cap if they remain on the roster, compared to $5.2 million if they are released.

With so many needs and so little cap room right now, both guys are as good as gone. The Rams are said to be shopping both players for a third round pick, which seems like it might get a few bites, unless teams just choose to wait until the Rams release them. The downside of waiting it out, is a potential bidding war with other teams.

Since the Rams will still owe Pace $6 million, $3 million for 2009, restructuring his contract might be an option, working out a deal that makes his contract more in line with the money the team would owe him if they trade or release the big guy. The case for restructuring the deal is obvious: age and health.

Another player with considerable cap value that might be worth a contract restructure is DE Leonard Little. Little still has lots of value to the Rams, especially if Spagnuolo implements a defense that emphasizes the pass rush, a la the NY Giants, but $7.6 million for a part time player? Releasing him isn't really an option since it would net just another $1.6 million in cap space.

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