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The Torry Holt trade that could have been versus the one the might be

Yesterday, we learned that, possibly, the Rams had been offered a first round pick, probably from the Titans, for Torry Holt ahead of last year's trade deadline, but decided to hang on to him. Of course, that's not 100%, but if true and the Rams lose Holt outright, well, the "coulda been" of another first round draft pick will stand as the final insult from the old regime.

Now, the team faces the possibility of Holt becoming a cap casualty. What if Holt landed in Tennessee anyway? That's a possibility. Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper sees the fit for the Titans. Ouch. 

In truth, Holt's a perfect fit for a team like the Titans, a Super Bowl candidate in need of a skilled veteran here and there. For Holt, it would give him one more shot at a title in his waning years. Whereas the Rams, let's face it, will still be a few players short of the Super Bowl even after the draft and free agency; Holt would just be squandered cap space give our team needs. It's not that we don't have a special place in our memory for Holt, it's that we need to get on with the business of rebuilding a winning franchise. There's plenty of room for remembering the past in a good book

Of course they might still have a chance to trade him too, with teams sure to be overpaying for lesser players than Holt, that's a real possibility. Supposedly, the Rams will look for a third round pick in return, and that wouldn't be a bad thing at all...just not the first round pick that might have been.

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