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Cap space: the elephant in the room

When Van brought up Albert Haynesworth, a couple people mentioned the issue of cap space.  Well Mike Sando broke down the finances of all four NFC West teams, and here's the sum of it (figures in millions):

Arizona - $41 current cap room, Sando projects $20-25

San Fran - $12 current cap room, Sando projects $20-30

Seattle - $20.3 current cap room, Sando projects $15.5

St. Louis - $13.9 current cap room, Sando projects $4

He also had this to say:

The Rams can clear additional cap room by releasing receiver Torry Holt and reducing other contracts. Both appear likely for a team with a new front office and head coach. The Rams, with the second overall pick in the draft, will have to set aside about $6 million to sign their 2009 selections. The team faces another $4 million or so in charges associated with entering the final capped year of the collective bargaining agreement.

So I don't think a Haynesworth-type signing is in our future.