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Random Ramsdom, 2/5: Rams keep third coach from '08

The Rams retained Chuck Faucette as their assistant coach for strength and conditioning, according to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch. He'll work with new strength and conditioning coach Rock Gullickson, the 2007 strength and conditioning coach of the year, who was hired the last week of January.

Faucette is the just the third holdover from the 2008 season. O-line coach Steve Loney and Art Valero, the running backs coach who will be an o-line assistant this season, are the other two. What do all three of those guys have in common? 2008 was their first season with the Rams, so they're relatively untainted by the last few seasons of decline at Rams Park.

Spagnuolo has just two more coaching vacancies to fill.

Some afternoon links, for your time killing pleasure...

  • In a QnA over at the official Rams site, Nick Wagoner says this about the Rams 5th round pick Roy Schuening: "...there is a segment of people upstairs that believe Roy Schuening also can be a solid player in this league." Schuening had lots of believers when he was drafted last year, but got buried on the practice squad during the regular season. The new coaches and front office leadership is bound to view some of the in-house talent differently this season.
  • Rams team profile over at Mocking the Draft. 
  • Could the Dolphins be losing interest in free agent safety Yeremiah Bell? He' might be nice pick up for the Rams, but how much would he cost and how much will a 31-year-old SS be worth?
  • The mock draft database has been updated already. I added another draft this afternoon. Who did the Rams take in that one?