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Top Five OTs in the draft

With the NFL Scouting Combine just a little more than two weeks away, it's a full fledged draft fever frenzy. We've got it too.

Over at Mike Mayock posted a run down of his top five prospects at each position for the 2009 draft. No doubt about it, the OT rankings are a muddled mess of confusion and disagreement. Mayock's top five OTs:

  1. Jason Smith, Bayolr
  2. Eugene Monroe, Virginia
  3. Andre Smith, Alabama
  4. Michael Oher, Ole Miss
  5. Eben Britton, Arizona

The NFL Combine site also has the early versions of the profiles for prospects. One name of interest on Mayock's list is Eben Britton. I hadn't read much about him, and he could be a late first round, early second round pick. If he did fall to the second round, that might be a steal for the Rams and allow them to take a player like Crabtree with the second pick (or trade down) and still get their OT. And, according to this profile at Mocking the Draft, Britton could be starting on the right side, learning the trade, while Pace plays out his last seasons as a Ram. Is he too much of a project for the Rams in 2009? That damn spread offense...