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Rams mock draft database

Here's the latest updated omnibus mock draft DB. I call it DRAFTICUS!

In reviewing Drafticus, it's clear that draft Zeitgeist has fully embraced the idea of the Rams taking an OT. That belief will only become more rigid now that the Rams have released OT Orlando Pace, a move that came after most of these mocks were last updated. One hand is all you need to count the mock drafts that project the Rams taking a player other than a tackle. If you click over to the drafts linked below (I'm sure there are more out there) you'll see that there's little debate about the 1-2 picks; Detroit takes a QB and we take and OT, typically Baylor's Jason Smith, who's the unofficial top OT in the draft.

If you were watching the wires yesterday, you probably heard the news that OT Andre Smith, considered the top OT before failing to explain his suspension and going AWOL at the Combine, had a less than impressive work out at Alabama's Pro Day. 

Personally, I'm on the OT bandwagon. Building a core offensive line is a logical first step in rebuilding this team for the future. Letting the skill players continue to be mauled behind a line that functions like a New Orleans levy is a waste of money and talent and a sure bet for disappointment. Had the Rams had an upgraded o-line for 2008, we would have certainly won more than 2 measly games. 

That said, I wouldn't be disappointed in the least if the Rams went with Curry or Crabtree or even B.J. Raji with their first round pick. Trading down's another option, but for a team that desperately needs to get its house in order for the future missing out on the chance to take one of the two best players available in the draft could cost them a franchise cornerstone they so badly need.

I left my comments from the last updates below. 

A bit of explanation. The title of the mock draft and a link to that site is in the first column. The second column says when the mock was last updated, as updates come fast and furious once the Combine gets underway. The third column shows who the mock drafters have the Rams picking with the second overall pick, and the last column shows how many rounds the mock draft goes through. I'm limiting the Rams picks shown here to their first round pick only because so few mocks go deeper with any accuracy, and with links to those that do, we can easily refer back to those sites.

Mock Draft last update Rams #2 pick rounds
3k - TST 3/15 Jason Smith - OT
CBS Sports - Prisco 3/11 Eugene Monroe - OT 1
Mocking the Draft
3/8 Jason Smith - OT 2
NFL Draft Scout (Rob)
3/11 Jason Smith - OT 1
NFL Draft Scout (Chad)
3/10 Jason Smith - OT 1
Fox Sports
2/28 Aaron Curry - LB 1
Draft Green Room
2/11 Michael Oher - OT 1
Scouts Notebook
3/12 Eugene Monroe - OT 1
National Football Post
3/2 Eugene Monroe - OT 1
Draft Empire
3/11 Matt Stafford - QB 1
Football Jabber
3/8 Jason Smith - OT 1
Great Blue North
3/5 Jason Smith - OT 1
Ramblin' Fan
1/11 Michael Crabtree - WR 1
Mock Draft Aces
2/2 Andre Smith - OT 3
KD's 2009 Mock Draft
3/10 Jason Smith - OT 2
Kornheiser's Cartel
2/12 Michael Crabtree - WR 1
ESPN - Mel Kiper 1/22 Andre Smith - OT 1
Walter Football 3/10 Jason Smith - OT 3
Walter Football (Matt) 3/11 Eugene Monroe - OT 2
Football's Future 3/12 Jason Smith - OT 1
Draft Dog 3/3 Jason Smith - OT 2
Draft Countdown 3/9 Jason Smith - OT 1
The Football Expert 3/6 Jason Smith - OT 4
Draft King 3/1 Jason Smith - OT 1
Saturdays2Sundays 3/1 Jason Smith - OT 3
Fantasy Football Toolbox 2/17 Eugene Monroe - OT 2
The New NFL Draft 3/11 Eugene Monroe - OT 1
ESPN - McShay
2/27 Jason Smith - OT Top 16
KFFL 3/9 Eugene Monroe - OT 1
Draft Season
2/24 Jason Smith - OT 1 - Chris
3/1 Jason Smith - OT 1
Sunday Kickoff
3/12 Eugene Monroe - OT 3

2/12/09 AnalysisThe updated and additional mock drafts are starting to move more and more toward the Rams taking an OT. Alabama'sAndre Smith gets picked most often, but Ole Miss' Michael Oher is showing up more and more. Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree isn't getting picked as often by the Rams in the mocks lately. 

In part, I think with more draft talk on the web, TV, and radio (they still have radio?) draft fans are hearing about the Rams needs at OT and the possibility of Orlando Pace becoming a cap casualty. If you buy into wisdom of crowds theory, the Rams are taking an OT. Honestly, does this surprise anyone? With the stated goal of getting tougher, the Rams have to start with the line...on both sides of the ball. I suspect B.J. Raji's name might start sneaking into the mocks at #2 if he has a good week at the Combine.

2/5/09 Analysis - Now, let's talk players. I notice a bunch of drafts starting to match the Rams with Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree. With Crabtree and Steven Jackson, the Rams would have a great foundation of skill players on the offense, just nobody to block for them. 

The consensus about the top OTs has been blown to hell in the wake of the Senior Bowl. A month ago, Baylor OT Jason Smith was barely in the top 5. Scouts, Inc.'s Todd McShay says he has the best feet of any OT in the draft...being a converted TE. The Combine will change all that again. 

Don't forget to add other mocks in the comments, and write up a prospect of your choice in the fanposts.