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Should the Rams chase Haynesworth?

How would Albert Haynesworth look in a Rams uniform? Pretty damn good, I think, but could they really afford him?

The news out of Nashville - that's music city, you know - makes it look like Haynesworth will be hitting the free agent market this month, where he'd almost certainly become the highest paid of the free agent class and likely one of the tops in the NFL. In fact, the reason the Titans and Haynesworth are so far apart is because the DT wants a contract that would make him the highest paid defensive player in the league. Right now, Vikings DE Jared Allen is the highest paid defensive player in the league $32 million on a 6-year, $73 million deal that included an $15.5 million signing bonus, and an $8 million roster bonus in 2010. Allen's salary is $7.775 million for 2009.

The Titans, you'll recall, can't use the franchise tag on Haynesworth because he met certain clauses in his contract.

The Rams need a NT that demands opposing offensive linemen double team to block him. Haynesworth would obviously fill that need. BUT... signing the big DT would eat up LOTS of salary cap. With the number two pick in the draft and a heaping helping of needs to fill, the Rams will need every cap dollar they can get, meaning it'd be tough to justify tying up a big percentage of that money on Haynesworth. On the other hand, the impact of adding him to the defensive line would be huge. Haynesworth will be 28 for the 2009 season. Here's a scouting report.