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Rams close to signing C Jason Brown?

Will former Ravens G/C Jason Brown be the newest addition to the Rams offensive line? According to one report, it's almost certianly a done deal.

From the National Football Post (via RotoWorld, since the NFP's site isn't working):

The Rams are expected to sign free agent C/G Jason Brown "in the coming hours," according to the National Football Post.

Well, well, well. It's going to be a pricey deal; the Ravens reportedly offered Brown $6 million per year. He'll get his guard pay after all.

I'm always a little guy shy with free agents, but this is exciting news no matter how gunshy the Jacob Bell experience made you. There's no bigger need for the Rams than to upgrade the offensive line after years of neglect (defensive front too), and adding Brown to what's been a really soft middle and likely an OT with the second overall pick in the draft will put the Rams o-line in a good spot for 2009. Better, tougher blocking will open holes for Steven Jackson and save wear and tear on Bulger. The offense won't at all resemble the Turf Show days, but it should be effective nonetheless.

[Note by VanRam, 02/27/09 11:28 AM EST ] Sounds like the Jason Brown will be a done deal before the end of the day. From Jim Thomas at the Post-Dispatch:

Brown arrived at Rams Park on Friday morning for a free-agent visit with the team, and the Rams probably won’t let him get back on the plane without a signed contract.

Excellent. They'll need to get it taken care of, because SS James Butler is coming to visit today as well.

In other free agent news, Falcons LB Michael Boley is visiting with the Giants today. We discussed Boley earlier in the week as a potential candidate for the Rams at strong side LB, which could mean the end of Tinoisamoa's career with the Rams. We'll see what happens. There are still plenty of fish out there in the non-Haynesworth price range for DLs.