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Rams tender Incognito and Adeyanju

The Rams extended tenders to restricted free agents DE Victor Adeyanju and OL Richie Incognito this afternoon. Both were expected moves.

Each player received a tender at the minimum level. The deal pays each player slightly more than $1 million, and if they sign with another team the Rams receive compensation in the form of a draft pick from the round where the Rams originally drafted that player: the third round for Incognito and the fourth for Adeyanju.

Adeyanju is a solid part of the rotation up front on defense, giving the Rams a run stopping specialist. Adeyanju really showed some growth as a player this year, recording 47 total tackles and 2 sacks.

Incognito clearly has talent, but sometimes his head gets in the way. If Spagnuolo can light a fire under his butt, Incognito is a capable starter in the middle. For the record, I think he should be the Rams center, if they can't find what they're looking for in free agency or the draft.

If the Rams do lose either one, having a 3rd or 4th round draft pick wouldn't hurt the team either. In fact, if they lost Incognito, they could almost certainly get another lineman in the third round. See Greco, John. Speaking of Greco, I think it's a sure bet that he'll get a shot to start once camp rolls around.

OL Mark Setterstrom did not receive an offer, and becomes a free agent. Setts has shown some real potential - he was even in line to start last August - but injuries have taken away all but three games in the last two seasons. Word is that he was on track to report to camp at full strength, and he still might, just not for a $1 million salary.