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Jason Brown will be a free agent

Okay, if you're a Rams fan hoping the team goes after Ravens free agent C Jason Brown, here's some good news for you. From the Sporting News:

According to an NFL source, the club has informed center Jason Brown that he is not in their plans for the 2009 season.

Brown, who turns 26 in June, is expected to garner immediate, strong interest from four or five clubs when the NFL’s free-agency period opens at 12:01 a.m. Friday. Brown started in '06 and '07 at guard for the Ravens, before moving to center to replace Mike Flynn last season.

Brown's the top, young free agent at a relatively underrepresented position in the free agent market, and a position of need for several teams around the league, including the Rams. Now, I'm not a Harvard MBA (is that a bad thing? how many of those are represented among the nation's dying banks?) or anything, but those are the ingredients for big free agent deal. And you'll recall that his agent said Brown expects a contract in-line with what guards get, not centers.