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Tinoisamoa not in the plans for '09?

Here's another interesting free agency preditction from Rotoworld: Falcons LB Michael Boley to the Rams. Who is Michael Boley and what links him to the Rams?

The Rams, where GM Billy Devaney is familiar with Boley and new coach Steve Spagnuolo knows how to utilize a strong-side backer who can blitz, are a good fit.

With the stated desire to move Will Witherspoon back to his natural fit on the weak-side, the Rams are looking for a stud in the middle. That move leaves Pisa Tinoisamoa without a natural starting role, as he's a little smallish himself to play on the strong side, leaving the Rams with a need on the strong side. Devaney is pretty clear in his desire to make the Rams more psychical among the defense's front seven, and Spagnuolo is known for a blitz-centric defense, which matches Boley's skill set.

Could the chronically injured Pisa be conspicuously absent from the Rams plans for 2009 and beyond?

Cap-wise, the Rams would save $2.4 million if they cut or traded Pisa, who is signed through 2011. After two seasons marred by injury, Pisa was back in form this year, recording career highs in tackles (104 total) and sacks (3). He still frustrated fans with bouts of inconsistency this season, despit the accured stats, but he might have some legit trade value.

While talk of cutting or trading Torry Holt and Orlando Pace has dominated roster talk around Rams nation, Pisa's name has bubbled up here and there as a potential casualty of business. We know the Rams are in store for plenty of roster turnover, so don't be shocked if Tinoisamoa joins the long list of former Rams.