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Torry Holt trade rumor sighting

Ahoy mateys. We've got our first trade rumor sighting of the season, the one involving Rams WR Torry Holt. So where is Holt being traded to today?

In a post at the "Off the Record" blog, the author reports a rumor from a talking head on Philadelphia sports talk radio 610 WIP that...

And Eskin stated that ‘he could see the Philadelphia Eagles trading Reggie Brown to the Rams for Torry Holt.’

The Eagles make some sense as a trade partner for Holt, but I just don't see the Rams (or anyone) having much interest in Reggie Brown. The blogger even discounts that possibility. A more likely scenario for trading Holt to the Eagles would involve, in my mind, some arrangement of draft picks and/or a cornerback. I didn't see WR as a huge need for the Eagles, but with rumors already out there that they're interested in Marvin Harrison, maybe I'm missing something. Rumors, rumors, rumors...remember, these are all just rumors.