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Draft pundit says Rams should trade #2 pick

Over at his NFC West blog, Mike Sando tapped draft guru Rob Rang to provide "best-case" scenarios for each team in this year's draft. And what, pre tell, was the best-case scenario for our Rams and their number two pick in the draft?

The best-case scenario is that Michael Crabtree works out exceptionally well and that Matt Stafford comes off as being very much the leader that everybody wants out of a quarterback, allowing the Rams to possibly trade down.

A trade down would, ideally, net the Rams a good, albeit slightly lower pick in the first round and another pick or two on the first day. The second overall pick carries a lot of value points, so any trade would be of super star value.

And who would be the "best-case" player for the Rams to draft? I'm going to make you click over to Sando's blog and find out, but let's just say that to get these guys they'd still have to have a fairly high pick in the first round.