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Little staying with the Rams; Combine notes of interest

Alex Smith, Michael Vick, whoever the 49ers make their QB, consider yourself warned. DE Leonard Little will be in a Rams uniform again this season, the last year of his contract. Little's not an every down guy anymore, but he still has the ability to be a force in the pass rush. To make sure the Rams get their money's worth from Little and everyone else on the defensive line they'll have to address a huge need for a big guy at NT. To me, this is one of the Rams top three needs, right after the offensive line (tackle and center) and in sort of a muddled tie with middle linebacker and cornerback. All of those needs trump WR in my mind too. 

One potential sleeper DT to watch is Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman College in Alabama. Small school, big guy. Hill measures 6'3" 329 lbs.'s Vic Carucci says he has the versatility to play in the middle of a 3-4 or a 4-3. 

Billy Devaney and the Rams personnel people really, really like Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry

Curry was the first guy we put (tape) on, and we were like, 'Wow! This guy is special.'

He didn't say much about Curry's potential to play in the middle, where the Rams need help, but he did note that Curry has the "size" for that role. Curry could easily be a top 3 pick this year...

...he'd certainly be a better pick than anyone from the QB class, which has been mostly underwhelming, upping the likelihood that Detroit will shy away from a QB with their first overall pick.  

Speaking of draft order, has adjusted their prospect rankingsafter Alabama OT Andre Smith pulled a disappearing act. The top five are now: 1) OT Jason Smith, 2) LB Aaron Curry, 3) OT Eugene Monroe, 4) CB Malcolm Jenkins, 5) WR Michael Crabtree. Anyone of those guys would be address a huge need for the Rams. It could be a can't loose first round.