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Spagnuolo on Bulger, Jackson and more

Steve Spagnuolo stood in front of the media taking questions about his new job and his new team; his third yak yak with the press since being hired by the Rams. Did the Rams head coach for a new era offer any insight into the team's off-season and on-field plans for 2009?

Not really. The coach didn't offer much insight into the off-season plans, which shouldn't be much of a surprise. Coaches and GMs are wise not to tip their hands too much at this time of year. Spagnuolo endorsed keeping CB Ron Bartell on the team, in no uncertain terms. Now, I'd like to hear Billy Devaney say that he'd like to keep Bartell too, but offer some reassurance the Rams won't be handing out stupid contracts like Zombie Al out in Oakland gave CB Nnamdi Asomugha. When Torry Holt and Orlando Pace came up, Spags was mum, as you'd expect. 

As far as on-field plans, West Coast offense haters might find some reassurance in their plans to make RB Steven Jackson the centerpiece of the offense. I really think the Rams will concentrate on getting the o-line put together, and start shifting the team's identity to the other side of the ball. I think that's the best and quickest way to re-establish the Rams as a competitor in weak division. 

He also endorsed QB Marc Bulger. Might as well, with his contract, Bulger is firmly implanted under center for the Rams. Still, that doesn't mean the Rams can't find a solid backup capable of starting or an understudy in the draft...or both. 

The Combine rolls on today, and we'll have more to talk about