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Passing on Crabtree

Let me start off the morning playing devil's advocate about Michael Crabtree. First off, this is just a thought, intended to get some more good draft discussion going. The idea of taking Crabtree with the Rams second overall pick in the draft is picking up steam; that's who the Rams took in the latest TST mock draft. It's hard to pass up talent like that, no matter how you prioritize the team's needs, but is it the best way to start the rebuilding process? Wouldn't addressing the o-line and the middle of the defense go further in speeding up the rebuilding process, giving the Rams a real foundation to work from on both the offensive and defensive fronts? 

If the Rams don't address the offensive line at OT and C we'll have lots of money tied up in skill players (Steven Jackson, Bulger, and possibly Crabtree) that isn't giving the team much in the way of returns because, well, they're playing behind some version of the same offensive line that's dragged them down for the last two seasons. On the other side of the ball, upgrading the middle of the defense by adding a NT, MLB and SS would complete the improvements to the D-line the Rams have made in the last two drafts, giving them the base for a solid defense for years to come. And, let's face it, teams with a good defense and mediocre offense - which the Rams could have without another WR - can go much further than a teams whose situation is reversed. Don't forget, right now, we don't have a single starter at CB signed for 2009, not a legitimate starter anyway. 

The Rams will be hard pressed to address all of their needs through the draft and free agency this season. A few moves, like trading the #2 pick or moving Holt or Pace, would give the Rams a few more options in the draft, but even with two first rounders it would still be hard to fill each position in dire need of an upgrade. 

Okay, there's my devil's advocate of the day. Let's discuss.

And now, a few links of note.

  • The Rams did not speak with Baylor OT Jason Smith yesterday. 
  • The Saints will not sign MLB and arrest resistor Jonathan Vilma before the free agent deadline. 
  • Speaking of Crabtree, he will not run the 40 at the Combine.
  • From the same link as above, OT Michael Oher is getting plenty of attention in Indy this week. If this guy proves he can learn a playbook, I think he'll be the top OT in the draft.
  • Mocking the Draft has a look at whose stock could rise and fall in Indy as well as who will run the fastest 40.
Busy, busy, busy days ahead. Stay tuned.