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How will the Rams fare in 2009? An early look

Over at his NFC West blog, Mike Sando picks up the post Super Bowl coverage with a look at projected strength of schedule for teams in 2009. The Rams, based on opponents' records, have the toughest schedule of any NFC West team next season...but not by much.

No team in the NFC West has a schedule with an overall opponents combined winning percentage of .500, which should come as no surprise since division teams play each other twice and only one NFC West team had a record above .500 last season.

That said, the Rams schedule is no joke next year. Our division will play the AFC South, which means tough games against the Titans and Colts and Houston doesn't look like it's going to be a doormat anymore either. The Rams also play the NFC North teams and have a home game against the New Orleans Saints.

New coach Steve Spagnuolo has got his work cut out for him. It's ridiculously early for predictions, but let's go ahead and take a stab at it in the poll, while feelings are good.

Let the offseason begin.