Larry English

Okay, I'll be the first to bite.  Here's a fanpost on Larry English.  Being an NIU alum, I watch a lot of the Huskies games and I've seen a lot from English.  I love the dude (btw, he eats people).




Larry English

DE - Northern Illinois University

6-3  236 (although I see some places have him up to 254)

Here's a great collection of Senior Bowl observations written up by Mad.Mike at Red and Black Attack.  And here's another.  I'll go ahead and let the professionals speak for me here since they carry a little more legitimacy.

He's a little undersized to play DE but he's a legitimate pass rusher and all around badass.  His size might push him down in the draft a bit even though there is talk by some of him going in the first round.  Ultimately, I think there's a chance teams will pass on him for more prototypical DEs who played in BCS conferences which should make him a possible steal in the 3rd round (or a mid to late 2nd rounder if we end up trading down).  One problem however, is English may fit better into a 3-4 scheme but there are people who think he'll fit just fine in a 4-3 base (especially the Tampa 2).

Now for some highlights.

Career Highlights Part 1

Career Highlights Part 2

English Wins MAC Conference MVP

English Annihilates Toledo QB

English in the snow vs Kent State

In the Independence Bowl vs Louisiana Tech

Big day vs Idaho

English vs Minnesota