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Super Monday

Some game, huh? I can (or can't) remember a lot of Super Bowls that pitter out long before the last three minutes. It's no surprise that Kurt Warner's been involved in three Super Bowls that were all decided in the fourth quarter. Not having seen the guy play every week in a few years - not really counting the twice a year we've seen him recently - you can really appreciate what a gamer he is, like him or not.

Now, with the 2008 season out of the way - oh, I guess there is the Pro Bowl, meh - we can get back to the Rams offseason. Free agency is weeks away, and I suspect Spagnuolo, the new pro personnel department and the new bevy of coaches are busy deciding which players to keep and which player to pursue in free agency. Guess what we'll be talking about this week...

There's also a little thing called the draft coming up, and the rookie scouting Combine starts on Feb 18. The NFL has now released the list of players that will participate in the event. Should be lots to talk about, no?

A quick programming note. I'm compiling a free agent database and a mock draft database (well, tables really) and will have those up this week. Mostly, I thought they'd just be handy to have around us opening a new tab for a Google search every 10 minutes.

I also wanted to invite some reader participation for draft hype/prep. I know we have a lot of people around these parts that watch college football or at least follow the draft. I want to encourage you to create fanposts about prospects you like, guys you'd like to see the Rams take in the draft, anybody. The goal here is to gather as much info and opinion about players that we could be seeing with a ceremonial Rams jersey come April and have that opinion/information in one easy location. 3k and I will throw up plenty of draft stuff, but since this is a community site, it makes the most sense to get as many opinions/analysis as possible. Not only does it give us something to refer to whilst debating, it opens eyes to other possibilities. For instance, if someone can convince me there's reason to take someone other than an OT with the #2 pick... Then, we'll have a little mock draft contest in March; stay tuned for details.

And finally, the last Super Bowl poll of the year...