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Are you smarter, or at least better at taking a test, than your favorite (or least favorite) Rams player? Here's your chance to prove it. With the Combine upon us, the Wonderlic test given to prospects will be a subject of some conversation, for the embarrassing lows (like Vince Young's initial score of 6) and all the usual debate about whether a test like this can really tell you much about a player...or even an employee for that matter. Below is a list of Wonderlic results for some of the Rams players. The highest possible score is a 50. It's a timed deal, not just picking the right answers, so that adds a dimension to the test. QBs and offensive linemen average a 25, the highest of any position. The league average is about a 20.

Click here to take the Wonderlic test, and let the laughs being. There more information on the test over at Hogs Haven.

Richie Incognito got a 32 on his Wonderlic. Seriously?

Bulger scored a 29.

Steven Jackson scored a 28.

Alex Barron, 19.

Chris Long tops the list with a 34.

Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton both scored a 14. OL John Greco got a 28. 

Top CB Ron Bartell got a 29. Atogwe got a 30.